Pyramid Precast offers a wide product line of Precast Concrete products. Besides the line items listed below we offer expertise and ingenuity in producing specialized items you may be looking for. Our friendly sales staff is always ready to help with your orders and inquiries.

Residential and Commercial -

  • Standard and Traffic Rated Two Compartment Septic Tanks in Capacities of 750 to 1500 Gallons in One Piece Units to Unlimited Capacities in Multiple Section or Battery Units
  • Holding Tanks
  • Seepage Pit and Drainage Pit Liner in 4 Foot and 5 Foot Diameters
  • Seepage Pit and Drainage Pit Covers in 4 , 5 and 6 Foot Diameters
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Catch basins
  • Pump Boxes and Complete Pump Station Units

Industrial and Commercial -

  • Industrial Clarifiers and Interceptors in 520 Gallons to Unlimited Capacities in Two and Three or More Compartments
  • Sand and Grease Interceptors in Capacities of 520 to 1500 gallons
  • Restaurant Grease Interceptors in Capacities of 520 to 1500 gallons to Unlimited Capacities
  • Laundry and lint Interceptors
  • Storm Water Interceptors
  • Reclaim Interceptors for Car Washes
  • Acid Neutralizing Units
  • Sample Boxes
  • Pumping and Lifting Stations
  • Rainwater Diversion Systems
  • Underground General Utility Vaults

Specialty Items -

  • Custom Projects or Adaptation of Existing Items to Suit Your Needs